How do you measure performance?

 Performance = Acceleration 

If you want a fast car, you need to achieve the greatest acceleration possible all the time, whether you are accelerating, braking, cornering or any combination of those.

What determines the maximum acceleration?

 Maximum Acceleration = Tire Friction Coefficient 

No matter the engine, the brake system or the suspension you have on you car, the maximum acceleration you can achieve in any direction depends on the friction between the tire and the road.

The most important (and easiest) modification you can do to increase performance on a car is to upgrade the vehicle with tires that have a stickier compound, thus a higher friction coefficient.

Powertrain, brake system and suspension should be designed based on the tire selected.

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How do you select a tire for high performance?

Five important features to look for on the tire sidewall:

1- Treadwear (more)

2- Traction (more)

3- Temperature (more)

4- Load Index and Speed Rating (more)

5- Manufacturing Date (more)

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