Acceleration simulator

For the theory behind the simulator see the performance page.

Best performance possible for vehicle acceleration
(¼-mile, 0-100 km/h, 0-60 mph, top speed, braking distance, lateral G's, etc.)
Vehicle characteristics
Wheel power:  350 hp Friction coeff.:  1.0
Vehicle mass:  3500 lbm Rolling resist.:  0.013
Drive wheels:  RWD CDA:  0.7 m²
h/L:  0.18 T/L:  0.55 CLA:  0.3 m²
F/R weight dist.:  55/45 CLA F/R dist.:  60/40
(help on weight)(help on tire)(help on aerodynamics)
c o m p u t e d  b y :
Stopping distance (100 − 0 km/h): 32 m
Front/Rear brake force distribution:  70/30
Maximum slope angle (hill climbing): 47% (25°)

Speed unit for charts: